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The first solar eclipse of the year is going to happen today on April 8.  According to astrology, this eclipse is significant in several ways.  After 50 years it is going to be accepted for a long time.  But since this time of solar eclipse is night in Bangladesh, it cannot be seen from Bangladesh or other parts of Asia.

 This total solar eclipse will be visible from Mexico, some US states and certain places in Canada.  Apart from this, a partial solar eclipse will be seen from some countries including Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal.

But anyone who wants to can see the total solar eclipse by going to NASA's website.  The live broadcast of NASA will start from 11 pm Bangladesh time and will continue till 2 am.

 Experts will share their views during the live broadcast, NASA said.  Apart from this, a YouTube channel named McDonald Observatory based in Texas will also broadcast this total eclipse live.

 Indian media NDTV reports that the total solar eclipse will last for two and a half hours, but the moon will completely cover the sun for 4 minutes and 27 seconds.  This solar eclipse will start from 9:42 AM Bangladesh time and will end at 2:52 AM.

 Solar eclipse 2024 Live Broadcast 

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