Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Paragraph | israeli-palestinian conflict essay conclusionm



    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Paragraph 

     Isreal is the world's only Jewish state , located just east of the Mediterranean Sea . On the other hand palestinians , the Arab population that hails from the land Israel now controls , refer to the territory as Palestine and want to establish a state by the name on all or part of the same land . The Israeli - Palestinians conflict is over who gets what land and how its controlled . Though both Jews and Arab Muslims date their claims to the land back to a couple thousand years . The current political conflict began in the early 20th Century . Jews fleeing presecution in Europe wanted to establish a national homeland in what was then an Arab - Muslim majority territory in the otto man and later British Empire . The Arabs resisted , the land as rightfully theirs . An early United part of the land seemg mation plane to give each group failed Israel and the sorrondings and Arab nations fought several wars over the territory . 

    Today's lines largely reflects the outcomes of two ofi this wars One happend in 1948 and another in 1967. The 1967 war is particularly important for today's conflicts as it left Israel in control of the west Bank and Gaza strip , two territories home to home to large palestinian population . Today the west Bank is nominally controlled by the palestinians authority and is under Israeli occupation . This comes in the form of Israeli troops , who enforce Israeli security restrictions on palestinian movement and activities and Israeli " Settlers " , Jews who build ever expanding communities in the west be bank that effectively deny the land to Palestiniansert Gaza is controlled by hamas an Islamist fundamentalist party.

     The primary approach to solving the conflict today is a so called two state solution that would . establish Palestine as an independant state in Gaza and most of the west Bank leaving the rest of the land to Israel . Though the " two state " plane is clear in theory , the two sides are still deeply divided over how to make it work in practice . 

    The alternative to a two state solution is a " One state solution , " wherein all of the lands becomes either one big Israel ore one big big palestine . Most observers think this would cause more problems than it would solve , but this outcome is becoming more likely over time for political and demographic reasons .

    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Paragraph |  israeli-palestinian conflict essay conclusion

    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Paragraph |  israeli-palestinian conflict essay conclusion

    Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Paragraph |  israeli-palestinian conflict essay conclusion

      israeli-palestinian conflict essay conclusion

    Tag:Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Paragraph,  israeli-palestinian conflict essay conclusion

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