Sweet Love Story | Romantic Love Story | Love Story Of Ishra

Sweet Love Story | Romantic Love Story | Love Story Of Ishra 

Sweet Love Story | Romantic Love Story | Love Story Of Ishra

Sweet Love story

Love of Ishra

Every day after completing coaching I came to Model Town and looked at the 12-story building. A girl from the balcony looks at us from the balcony. When my coaching is finished, my friend circles come out together. Even if no one's eye fell there, I would look right in that direction daily. The girl on the floor seemed to notice exactly what I was looking for. For about a month, Eminem passed away. Why did I want to see the girl standing on the roof of the coaching a little closer today, so I went to the roof to tell everyone to leave. I noticed what the girl was looking for in my friends. The rest did not understand that the girl was looking for me. On the way to the roof railing, I took a small brick and thought to throw it at the girl. Before that, the girl looked at me and was very surprised. I, too, looked at him. The purple T-shirt was probably worn over the plaza. The girl adjusted herself and walked away. Yet I could not leave. As a model with any hero will treat the girl very much. I was waiting for the girl to come up one more time! After about half an hour, the girl came back. What do you think about me with a smile and say gesture, how bad? I showed the finger at 4.1 o'clock.

The girl explained to me that now Azan will give. Go home I spent a few more days doing so. We used to go out together as friends would suspect, but even though they were leaving the house, I came back and talked gesture to the girl on the roof. But the girl suddenly went to the room for about 20 minutes or more. I hooted one day and said, phone number can be given? The girl left without saying anything that day. After waiting for almost an hour, the girl did not come. I fell in love with the girl. This seems to be a profit and fasti site! I was very close to the girl while sleeping at night. One time I became so accustomed to sleeping that I could not sleep without feeling myself. Our gesture at that gesture was two months old. I realized just how weak I was with him every day, and just saw my actions. From a distance, I would bang her hair in the distance, pull her cheeks and she would fill in too. But sometimes his face would suddenly become dirty. I couldn't understand why this thing happened.

The girl's name was Anika.

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I did not meet Anika on Friday. Because coaching was closed on Friday. But on Friday of this week, I came to see him. The girl came out too. That day, I requested him very much and took his phone number. That night, two people were silent for a long time by phone. The girl broke the silence and said to me, was dinner?

"Hmm, are you eating?


In the midst of his voice, I was able to find a kind of myrrh towards me. The girl said to me again, Why does Rose spend so much time with me?

"Sounds good. Why do you even wait for me everyday?"

"I didn't wait for you for a while. When you finished coaching, everyone would come out and see the bad things they did. All of a sudden you asked why?

"That's what you said.

After hearing my words, the girl laughed a little, did not sleep?

"A little later. What happens if you give the number up first?

"Nothing happens.

"Don't you realize how weak I am to you?

"Understand what happens!

"Well are you doing me magic?

Anika laughed at me and said, "My only question is, have you done magic to me?


"Now sleep. I'll sleep too.


I left the phone and brought it to bed.

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One more month to speak. Why it seemed like he was hiding something from me. Even if he does not say that he loves me and not in his mouth, I was right in his words. But my mind does not understand. I wanted him to be a bit of a jerk to me, to be a little angry at something I had done wrong, how much I understood in his life how much of an importer. But that didn't mean anything to me. Sometimes I was very angry but I could not stay angry with him. Day after day I became very weak towards him. And my level of madness was increasing too. I once wanted to hear from his mouth and tell me, well, Faisal, you do not understand how much I love you! But my thoughts remained in my thoughts. And slowly our relationship started to get a beam. Calling her now, she keeps quiet without talking. Sometimes the phone is cut off and the phone is turned off. After the coaching, she got up on the roof and waited for her. Even at times he does not show any. What is the negligence of this thing!

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It's been almost a week since Anika didn't come to the balcony for a bar these days. I decided not to survive anymore, I will go to their house today. Finished coaching and went straight to their home.

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Pressing a calling bell, an old woman opened the door and said, "Who do I want?"


"There is no Anika here.

"What he says, he lives in this house and in this flat. I meet his friend. He tells him that a man named Faisal has been found.

"There is nobody named Anika here.

Then I took out the mobile phone and showed it to Anika's number and said, Do you know the number?

The woman looked at me a little differently and could say anything as soon as Anika came in front of us and said to the woman, "Let her in."

The woman listened to Anika and let me in. After entering the room, I saw four more girls sitting on the sofa. And there were two boys. The woman knocked on the door and said to Anika, who is this?

"Think this is my customer.

After listening to him, I was immediately stopped. The woman said again, I did not see it. And Aya is just starting to argue my log. It doesn't seem to have come before that. Earlier, if the bell playing in the isle room was a signal, I would have thought the old party. Do you know what will happen if people in the house do not understand? How is it?

"I thought I'd teach you all today.

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With that said, the girl grabbed my hand and took me inside a room. Entering the room, the girl locked the door and looked down silently. I do not understand what is going on. And after listening to the woman, I was stunned. And why did Anika tell me the customer! Does that mean Anika ........ shit! What am I thinking about? I went to Anika without thinking about seven or five and said, "I don't understand anything." What did these women say?

Anika listened to me and looked at me a little, and still didn't realize that I was a prostitute. Hearing her talk, her hand fell from my hand. What did he say? Nowhere is it written that he is a prostitute. I do not understand what to say. Seeing my silence like this, the girl said, "I have been wrong to go to the balcony and do this to you for so long." Who knew that would happen today, you would be so weak to me!

Hearing her, I touched her cheek and said, I do not believe! Anika I can't believe it all. You're doing bad things, aren't you?

The girl looked at me in silence, looking at me with such a stare. I told him again, I am telling the truth, I am telling you that I will never go mad with you again.

"I sometimes felt very mad at you. At times, I had to admit that a girl like me would never feel such insanity. These insanity values ​​are something I can never take responsibility for.

"Why can't you?

"I'm a prostitute.


"Get out of here. And don't come here. I'll be here a few days later."

"Where to go? And in the middle of hell, are you coming or why?"

"I left Dhaka to listen to the study. After coming here, I found out that my mother was having a stone in the bile bag. It was a long time ago. Sometimes it was a nightmare. After X-rays, I learned that the stone had been removed for operation and medicine. It will cost about 5 rupees, no amount of money was collected by any means. Ayya ​​could not. There was nothing at the foundation of their stay. So I came here with the entry of 6 months. And after a few days, according to my contacts will be 6 months. Then leave the house.

After listening to him, I do not understand what to say. The girl's eyes are watery. Such a beautiful girl, God made it so perfectly. What a joke of luck!

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I approached her and began to wipe her eyes. The girl closed her eyes and started crying with a bite on her lips. Slowly with his fingers in his eyes, I bit him and told him, "Today I am going to free you from this hell."

The girl was a bit shocked to hear me say, what are you saying? Thinking will never allow that to happen. I tried my best, even trying to escape five times. No work.

"I'll get you in front of him. You just keep quiet.

"Faisa .....

"Shut up! That's what I'm saying.

After saying this, I opened the door and went in front of the woman and said, I will take her from here.

The woman rolled her eyes at me and said, "Hun doesn't change the wool too much." I do business in this place with my hand on the police log. A phone will be taken to Dimu. Older people will know that I will shadow this house. No problem. I would like to adopt new kaira system elsewhere. May be his time, I am the shadow dimu. It looks like a good human baby. Do not harm yourself.

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I didn't care about the woman. I began to talk with him one after another. One time she agreed, if she gave him 20 bucks or she would leave Anika. I also agreed. Then after taking an hour from him, he bought a lock from the shop below and entered Anika's room and said, "You are ready. Today you will go to the village."

After saying this, I locked him in the room and went home to fetch money.

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You do not want to pay so much money to your mother. So I opened the ark of the house and stole the money. He must be released anyway. Then I took the money and went straight there. Anika was released from the room with the women money and I got rid of the path.

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The two of them got out and got on the rickshaw to go to Kamalapur. Chaitra month, Weather does not take long to change. It is late in the evening and it is raining heavily. The rickshaw puller gave a polythene so as not to soak in the rain. The polythene matched the two sitting on the grass. The girl's eyes are flooded with tears. I took his hand with my hand and said, How long will it take to get home from Dinajpur railway station?

"It's not half an hour.

"Will you cry like this yet? Nothing happened! Imagine all that was a dream.

The girl listened to me and looked at me.

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After coming to Kamalapur, I got down from the rickshaw and went to the front of the ticket counter and learned that the train from Dinajpur would arrive at 4.30 pm. Looking at the clock, it was 1.3. Then the cabin wallet took a bite ticket and the two sat on a bench. The light of the station lights was visible on the girl's two cheeks. The rain has dropped down too. At this time, there is no more sweetening of tea. So leaving Anika, she took two cups of tea and a water bottle from a station store and placed two cups of tea in her hands and said, 'Go wash your face.

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The girl washed her face and wiped her face with her orna and sat on the bench and handed her the cup of tea. Taking the cup of tea in his hand, the girl told me, "Where did you get that much money?"

Upon hearing him, I lied that I was freezing the money.

The girl finished the tea and said, "There is nothing new inside me." Why not do so much for me after knowing so much?

"Ask yourself questions.

"You hate to say it to your face, don't you? You can keep me with you for a while.

"Shh! What are you saying, Anika? I don't see you with such eyes. I love you! Too much. And we know how valuable the listener is. It can't be given to all those who have more faith in something new." There is only that precious mind to get.

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Anika's eyes were filled with water again after hearing me. The girl was trying to stop me. I restrained him from giving him the barrier and held out his hand and said, "I forgot all about an hour ago." Nothing has happened in your past. Start thinking that you are dreaming of a bad one.
The girl listened to me this time and was upset. Holding his hand tight I said again, You see weeping again! Nothing happened. Quietly. Go home and study from a college in that place. Wait three years. What are you talking about?

After I finished my talk and he laughed a little, I realized that yes. After examining, I noticed that the train had arrived.

Then took him straight to his cabin and said, "Open the door at night." And I'll go home and talk by phone. Ok

At the end of the talk, I left the phone and started walking. And I began to think, whatever I want him to do. He has nothing to say in the past. OK creator made new today just for me.

Author: Faisal Ahmed Shaon
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