A Love Story | Love story of husband and wife | Sweet Love Story

A Love Story | Love story of husband and wife | Sweet Love Story 

A Love Story | Love story of husband and wife | Sweet Love Story

- Hold this bag.

- What, you're swallowed up and out of the office right now.

- I took a vacation today in the office.

- Why?

- I'm going to walk around the park with a girl today.

- what????

- Yes.

- Well, devil coy, leave the wife at home and go around with another girl ?? (Starts crying and screaming)

- No, no, no. Why are you crying ??

- Don't weep or laugh now? If you tell me I love another person then it would have been.

- Don't know.

- Quiet, treacherous, I did not talk to you anymore, I loved you more than life, but you did not understand, do not shame you about going to the park with another girl.

- Ah gold, what are you saying? I just love you

- No need to lie, I can't do Satin's house, divorce me.

- What do you say ??? OK,

- Why Marla?

- Silence. (Tugged at the chest)

- I'm talking discount.

- Don't leave. Hey crazy wife, am I saying or should I go around with another girl? I have a daughter in my house and that is my wife.

- Meaning !!!

- Hey I'll get you around. And you are the girl, or you are the boy ??

- Girl.

- If you're a girl, I'm going to take you around. My closest madness. Can I leave this crazy girl and go to another girl ??

- No.

- So why did they say so much ??

- Sure !!!

- Sada (off my chest) You have talked so many nonsense so far, I have a lot of trouble coming to me, I have not talked to you.

- No, baby doesn't do that

- Hus. (Leaving him there, I ran to the roof and didn't even say anything)

I'm blue. And that angry girl who cried so much is my wife Nila. He had another name, but I changed his name to my name and added Neela.

I do a job Since I live in a busy city called Dhaka, I can not give Neela much time for the job.

And today I am taking leave from the boss, I am going to take the wife, I am going nowhere for a long time, so I will go today. The holiday will be a surprise to her, but I could not imagine her being so angry. His anger is a little higher again. And if someone puts his hand in his love, no one knows what to do with it.

Showed anger with him and went to the roof. I'm thinking of catching a cigarette. There was only one in the pocket, a friend insisted, I did not buy cigarettes by myself now, I used to eat plenty before the madness came into my life, did not sleep one night after finishing one packet a day.

But when the blue comes, everything changes. Now I don't dare grab a packet of cigarettes in front of him.

Thinking of these, I took cigarettes out of my pocket, now there is another danger, where is the match? I didn't bring the match. When you bring the match down from the kitchen, it sure will kill me like a chicken.

So forced to tell the boy in the house to bring the match, and then he was playing on the roof, listening to the sound as he was near the ceiling.

And the cigarette that caught fire after the match, the face filled with madness in front of his face. One day he saw the blue while he was smoking a cigarette, he did not talk to me for four days after that day, and did not face anything for these four days.

And he never let me go that day and didn't even come to me. He is leaving the prom on that day and if he smokes a cigarette any day, he will have to forget. After hearing this, I was not happy, hugging him and crying, "I am touching you and I will not eat cigarettes any day."

Immediately after catching a cigarette, I remembered the blue Promise, so I dropped the cigarette. If I can't keep my love, then how is love again.

Thinking of these things, Neela ran to the ceiling, Oma was coming so segues, she looked like a fairy, she seemed to be going with me because she was coming to Segge.

- Why are you sitting here?

- So what do I do? (Angry voice)

- Your father. What a rage !! Let's go around

- Go tell me why.

- This look may not be good but, I'll go with you now, let's go.

- Why should I betray me?

- What did you say?

- No, don't say anything, I'll go, but don't cry.

- Hmm.

Then rickshaws and went to a nearby park.

I wandered into the park all day, and in the afternoon light in the twilight light and blue, I was sitting in one place, I was not sitting, I was sitting in the head of the blue, and blue was rubbing my head.

1 year ago ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I'm walking out of the office. There are a lot of cars on the side but I know why it's nice to walk today. So come home. How far I thought not to catch a cigarette,

So I took out the packet of cigarettes from my pocket, I was coming to pull the cigarette and drag the cigarette along the road.

As the distance approached, light cold air began to pour in, so I thought I'd sit on the bench next to the open field and smoke in the cold air.

After sitting down, a cricket ball came into my head to give a few cigarettes, looking back, I saw a few baby boys and a big girl with them,

- Why did you hit the ball?

- (The older girl said) I'm doing enough.

- Whati ??

- Hmm, don't you see, the kids playing here are smoking cigarettes in front of you.

- You feel the baby, too?

- Talk to your face, why would I be a kid? I'm coming here with them.

- (One kid said) Come on, here.

- Oh, baby's not this bullet.

- Did he say bullets in front of me ???

- If they're bullets, you're a bomb. This is how a stranger is arguing with a boy.

- If you didn't eat cigarettes here, would we argue with you or not?

- What is your problem where I want to eat ??

- We can't eat here.

- Eat one hundred times, what to do ??

- I will give you cow dung.

- You go to eat, just like Fazil Maia !!!

- Where do these wasteful hooves come from ?, God give them some wisdom in their head.

- There's more to you than that.

- There is a turtle.

- A bunch of trash.

- Upoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooglessinyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy "" "" - That's how we were wasting our time talking to shitty guys, (the kid pulled the bully girl in at a bullet speed).

What daughter's father ?? I do not see such a girl born to fourteen of the father. Come on with me as a girl, to argue with a bunch of shit forces.

Then I came here too.

Fresh from coming home, I was sitting in an Easy chair and the girl's angry eyes began to wander in front of my eyes again and again. Although the girl is quarrelsome and paranoid, the mind is freshened and the face is full of a lot of beauty.

Why I like to know the girl, I can not move anything.

So I thought I would bring the news to my mother and then marry her and marry her. Let's see if anything else can be done before that !!!

So again the next day, I came back from the office a little early to buy some chocolates and went to the field, I saw that the baby is there but the girl is not there today.

Call a baby '

- Here comes the bullet baby.

- What did that Mia say to me?

- Why are you angry? Well tell me your name.

- Russell.

- Wow very nice name, so where's your tomorrow?

- Why?

- Likewise, don't say a little !!

- No,

- So,,

- Grab your ear for tomorrow and give us all a catberry.

- Kiiiii ??? Can't catch Catberry Dimu's ear.

- So you do not get any news.

: Uffof what else I was forced to do and grabbed the ears in front of the kids.

- This time,

- Where's the chocolate?

- Take this.

- Thanks brother.

- Where do you tell me?

- If you come here at this time tomorrow, you will get enough.

The bullets fled the scene.

What a papa polypine ray dad. I'll see you again.

Then again the next day I went to see that no one came, so I went under a tree and sat down, only to hear a cigarette from the pocket was heard screaming at the children.

Looking back, I see those babies and the dream fairy tale that has taken me to sleep.

I thought I saw how they stood under that....

- You know that brother wasn't coming tomorrow,

- Which brother?

- With whom you quarrel that day.

- Why?

- Looking for you.

- Find me, why?

- I don't know. But brother is very good.

- How did you know?

- The brother was giving us all the catberries and he was holding us in front of us for the day, standing in his ear many times.

- Somehow, ha ha ha.

- That guy is listening to you,

- Oh no, he was looking for you. We say don't listen to you if you don't listen.

- So, then, are you listening to me?

- Yes.

- Then what?

- Then I tell you to come here tomorrow, but you haven't come yet.

- Oh, then, it seems that you will not come, you have brought so many people to your ears, they are being insulted a little.

- Hmm, so are you.

- You shouldn't have.

- Then I'll actually say that again.

- Well, come on, let's play ball.

General Chat Chat Lounge

Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe, I was listening to them so secretly, that I was laughing. So after a while I came out of the arena and came to the front.

Then the children ran just after the sighting and everyone left saying sorry. Then the girl came.

- Sorry,

- Why?

- For what they are doing tomorrow and for the quarrel that is happening to us that day.

- Okay, I'm sorry too.

- Hmm,

- Come on here, kids!

- Why brother.

- Friendship with me?

- You don't know.

- Well, I'm blue, do a job and introduce you to my home there,

- (Everyone was introduced)

- And your name is Neela.

- And that's your brother.

- Hmm.

- Let's buy you chocolate.

General Chat Chat Lounge

Then I bought all the bullets chocolate. Their pockets were filled with chocolate and my money pocket was empty.

This is where I and Nila met, I never ate cigarettes when I was with them, because playing cigarettes in front of them again would have to go away from the blue. So I went to another place and ate cigarettes.

Then there were conversations on our phones and chatting on Facebook, I never told her that I loved her.

A few months later, I suddenly took Mom and Dad with them for a wedding proposal.

When Nila came in front of me and raised her face in my eyes, she was quite surprised, because all of a sudden I would not go to her house to propose marriage.

So I was a little disappointed. But his parents were very happy and there was no word to agree. Nila's parents agreed to one leg. But how did Neela look.

Finally got married, got into the living room, sat on the bed, saluted to enter the house, then went back to bed, I also sat down. After a while,

- What happened?

- Which one?

- Why marry me?

- Love it!

- When?

- Ever since the day I was arguing with you about cigarettes.

- What? So why not say so long?

- That's it.

- Do you mean that?

- It doesn't dare.

- Yeah, but you know what to do when you get my love.

- What ??

- Must quit smoking cigarettes forever.

- (After a while) I agree with one foot.

- Where's the other foot?

- Hihihi, there it is.

- Somewhere crazy,

- Hmm, for you, come a little closer.

- Not this,

- Why?

- Shy.

- Come on. (Pulled closer)

Then up to this.

Feeling good about the head is blinking. That's how I want to spend a lifetime with Pagliata. As the sleep went down, so I took the madness and headed home.

(I Love You - It Loves You Crazy).

 Author: Imaginary Artist

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