School Love Story | Love getting back |Love You Forever

School Love Story | Love getting back |Love You Forever 

School Love Story | Love getting back |Love You Forever

Today is the night of my home. And this night is one of the most memorable nights in my life. Because I have taken my dearest person to myself tonight, even in my own ignorance.

What was the title, so nervous, let's hope the whole story reads a little ......

"Niladrita" .... One afternoon, on the brutal noon of the spring, the blood-wolf came to paint me like a black hole.

As a young boy in the midst of an awkward and unhealthy journey, the most joy was to enjoy playing football with friends in the snow as well as to sleep.

The day was the second day of Fruburi.
I got up to chat with my friends on a daily basis in the shadows.
I was surprised by the sight of a strange stranger chasing after the arrival of an unknown girl.
His confused face and light-eyed Kajal Ranga captivated me with two eyes.

On that day, he unknowingly tied himself up with a hollow heartless loveless heart.
The bird, named Shukh, tied the nest in a moment.
Starting from then ...
Rose class was standing by the side of Kakweja street.
I used to stand day in and day out in any interest, only to see his confused face.
Many times I have asked myself why I stood up, but my heart was never drawn to him but he was more drawn to you.

I did not know whether he liked me or not, I only knew that he would have to see Rose every day.
Love was happy as long as it was one-sided or unselfish.
But that day he changed my one-sided love ...

School Love Story | Love getting back |Love You Forever 

When you called this Ami who was standing by the road ...

: - There was just one thing with you.
: -Yes, tell me.
: - Why are you standing here everyday?
: - to see you
: Why ..?
: -I want to look so.
: -To skip school classes.
: - Yes.
: -But why ..?
: -Can ... I don't know. If you don't see your face, then I don't want to spend that day.
: -Valobasan me.
: -Yes ... a lot.
: - Can sustain life.
: Yes, I can.

Since that day, my selfish love has not been selfish.
That means Niladrita accepts my love.
Every day seemed like a dream to me. It was like the seven colors of the rainbow, raising its head in the open sky last afternoon.

I loved it so much ... I loved it so much that the moments spent with him inside my head always revolve.
Niladrita loved me too.
When the two lived together, it seemed we were the happiest people in the world.

But the happiness did not last long, like the day I was waiting for the Sedio pond.
Niladrita arrived, but today she has the impression of sadness on her face.

I was shocked and asked ..

: -What happened, why the water in your eyes?

Niladri began to weep like a baby without crying.

: -What happened, please, tell me.
Did anyone say anything at home?
We will not see you again tonight we will go to Dhaka with our family.
Dad's job has changed.
But I can't live without you.

I was shocked to hear about Niladri, how to say nothing was coming to my head. And now we just give the SSC. I can't even get married.
Will I lose Niladri?

That day, Niladri handed a Neil handkerchief, saying, "I'll be back again. You will ignore me."

On that day, I just nodded my head, saying no.
One of Niladri's feet was hurting me like a thousand years away.
It seemed that the heart on the left side of the chest was running away from the chest, chasing after Niladri.

I cherished the last memory given by Niladri. And when his words were very distressing, I took a napkin with his mouth over his mouth.
The scent of niladri that was inside the handkerchief would calm the restless mind.

Then it started..Pahra Guna. It has been years since the month was over. But I did not find any search for Niladri.

I would stay at the bus stop at the train station to ask for his return. But I would come back often frustrated.
Classmates would call me crazy, because they never love school life.
It comes to life as a rust, and then I lose it and lose everything.

I was a little tired of waiting for a long two-year return.
The people around me became increasingly selfish. None of them understood my problem.
So I put the hardships in the chest and accepted the reality.
Yet when I saw the busstops and railway stations, it seemed that my madness had arrived.
But no, I had to come back as frustrated as ever.

5 years have passed, but Niladri has not returned. In the mean time, I have set myself up. I have not given up thinking about him.
After completing my studies, I now work in a company.
My little family is swearing by the mother.

This month I got a promotion, so I have to transfer as well.
I went with my mother to a mechanical town called Dhaka. Where I came, thousands of people had forgotten me.

Mom and I are staying with a small flat rental. Mother has said many times for marriage, she has shown many girls. But she did not agree.
In fact, I still have not forgotten the pain of losing once. I do not want to make a second mistake.

Lately the mother is a little more stressed for the wedding. At dinner and before the office bar in the morning, I said so angrily ...

: - Okay, I'll get married. Then I won't go see the girl.
You get it all right, I'll just bring her on the wedding day.

Mother agreed to it. That is why, in the city, the mother is left alone. There is no one to spend time with. And I am out of the house from morning till night.
When I come to a new place, I can't find the time to breathe.
The trouble of getting married again.

Mother 's got up so much for my marriage that it was all over before the week passed.
That night, returning home from the office, the mother showed me a picture at dinner ...

Baba: Look at this picture, the girl is very fond of me.

I removed the picture and told to eat ..

I will never see you again. I will marry the one you like for me. And I know well that your choice is never bad.
: -But watch for a while.
: -No mother-in-law.
: - Well, then you can't blame me later. I said this.
: - Well mother, okay.
: -Then tomorrow, I will speak the word of the ripe.
: -So you feel good.

I couldn't think of a mother who would fix my marriage so quickly.
Within a week I was planning to tie up.
That means my marriage in the week ahead.

Finally the auspicious moment came.
Sherwani was later taken to fetch the bride.
Niladri seems to be missing a lot today.
I promised that I would not marry anyone but him. But if he did not speak, why would I waste the rest of my life by talking?

Kajisab came and started the marriage.
The bride's name is Sharmin Paradise.
Marriage work was done under the obligation of debt.
I haven't seen the girl yet.
The face is covered with a thick sweat.

Friends, with all sorts of arguments, finally pushed me into the living room. I am standing quietly through the door of the room.
A whole new person, how do I get started. Nothing is coming to a head.
Yet when Bio did, there was no profit from far away.
I slowly raised my legs and went to the bed.
The girl is still holding her head in her mouth.

Now he wants to see, but dare not pull the veil.
With a drawn breath, I played the socket to remove the sweat on my face.
Is it real or my imagination.

I see my sleepiness.
I wiped my eyes and looked again.
I really see Niladrita sitting in front of me. And she looks at me and smiles.

But where did the mother find it?
I have not been able to find anyone for such a long time.

: -What is the kind of surprise I gave you?
: -You are ....! How do
: Yes, I, why did you want to marry someone else ..?
: - If you do not want to do it will be wrong. I found you many but did not get it.
But my mother started to insist that in the end, I said yes with anger.
: - Well done, why didn't you come to see the man you married once?
: -In fact, I did not want to get married, so I did not feel the need to meet.
But your name is Niladrita.
So Kajisab said that at the time of marriage, Sharmin.
: -Niladrita is my Nick Naeem.
: -Oh ...
: - Well then I went. You didn't want to marry me anymore. So what do you do with Tho?
: - I did not want to marry you, but I promised to marry you.
: - So what do I do now?
: -Carba, the marriage has already taken place, but now he can not escape even if he wishes.
That is why I put Niladrita inside my chest ....

I am the happiest person in the world right now. Even after losing the one I wanted to learn because of love, I found myself again for a lifetime.
I put Niladrita in the chest with a hard tax. The empty cage that day was full again, getting back the man I loved.

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