today football match time fifa world cup 2022 | today football match time | today football match team

today football match time fifa world cup 2022 | today football match time | today football match team

Assalamu Alaikum dear readers welcome to our website.  Let's all be well by the grace of God.  Dear sports loving brothers and sisters Qatar World Cup started from 20 November 2022 and the final will be played on 18 December 2022.  This year's FIFA World Cup Football 2022 is being held in Qatar.  There are countless football lovers all over the world.  Among them, Brazil and Argentina have the most supporters.  Which team you support must tell us by voting here.


    Fifa World cup 2022

    The FIFA World Cup started in 1930.  This game is held every four years.  21 football games have been held till 2018 and FIFA World Cup has been held 22 times since 2022.  32 teams participated in this year's Qatar World Cup.  Many people want to know a lot of information about the game.  Among them, the most important thing at the moment is Qatar World Cup today's schedule 2022 and who will play Qatar World Cup today.

    Today football match time table 2022

    Group D: France vs Australia – 1:00 AM BD
    Group F: Morocco vs Croatia – 4:00 PM BD
    Group E: Germany vs Japan – 7:00 PM BD
    Group E: Spain vs Costa Rica – 10:00 PM BD

    Today football match time World Cup

    FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures Bangladesh time

    FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule for Group Stages
    20th November, SundayGroup A: Qatar vs Ecuador – 10:00 PM 
    21st November, MondayGroup B: England vs Iran – 7:00- PM IST
    Group A: Senegal vs Netherlands – 10:00-PM
    22nd November, TuesdayGroup B: United States vs Wales – 1:00 AM 
    Group C: Argentina vs Saudi Arabia – 4:00 PM BD
    Group D: Denmark vs Tunisia – 7:00 PM 
    Group C: Mexico vs Poland – 10:00 PM 
    23rd November, WednesdayGroup D: France vs Australia – 1:00 AM BD
    Group F: Morocco vs Croatia – 4:00 PM BD
    Group E: Germany vs Japan – 7:00 PM BD
    Group E: Spain vs Costa Rica – 10:00 PM BD
    24th November, ThursdayGroup F: Belgium vs Canada – 1:00 AM 
    Group G: Switzerland vs Cameroon – 4:00 PM 
    Group H: Uruguay vs South Korea – 7:0 PM 
    Group H: Portugal vs Ghana – 10:00 PM BD
    25th November, FridayGroup G: Brazil vs Serbia – 1:00 AM BD
    Group B: Wales vs IR Iran – 1:00 PM BD
    Group A: Qatar vs Senegal – 7:00 PM BD
    Group A: Netherlands vs Ecuador – 10:00 PM BD
    26th November, SaturdayGroup B: England vs United States – 1:00 AM BD
    Group D: Tunisia vs Australia – 1:00 PM 
    Group C: Poland vs Saudi Arabia – 7:00 PM 
    Group D: France vs Denmark – 10:00 PM 
    27th November, SundayGroup C: Argentina vs Mexico – 1:00 AM BD
    Group E: Japan vs Costa Rica – 4:00 PM BD
    Group F: Belgium vs Morocco – 7:00 PM BD
    Group F: Croatia vs Canada – 10:00 PM 
    28th November, MondayGroup E: Spain vs Germany – 1:00 AM BD
    Group G: Cameroon vs Serbia – 4:00 PM 
    Group H: South Korea vs Ghana – 7:00 PM 
    Group G: Brazil vs Switzerland – 10:00 PM 
    29th November, TuesdayGroup H: Portugal vs Uruguay – 1:00 AM 
    Group A: Netherlands vs Qatar – 9:00 PM
    Group A: Ecuador vs Senegal – 9:00 PM 
    30th November, WednesdayGroup B: Wales vs England – 1:00 AM 
    Group B: IR Iran vs United States – 1:00 AM 
    Group D: Tunisia vs France – 9:00 PM 
    Group D: Australia vs Denmark – 9:00 PM BD
    01st December, ThursdayGroup C: Poland vs Argentina – 1:00 AM 
    Group C: Saudi Arabia vs Mexico – 1:00 AM 
    Group F: Croatia vs Belgium – 9:00 PM 
    Group F: Canada vs Morocco – 9:00 PM 
    02nd December, FridayGroup E: Japan vs Spain – 1:00 AM 
    Group E: Costa Rica vs Germany – 1:00 AM 
    Group H: South Korea vs Portugal – 9:00 PM 
    Group H: Ghana vs Uruguay – 9:00 PM 
    03rd December, SaturdayGroup G: Cameroon vs Brazil – 1:00 AM 
    Group G: Serbia vs Switzerland – 1:00 AM 

    FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule for Round of 16

    Dates & DaysMatches
    03rd December, SaturdayGroup A winner vs Group B runners-up – 9.00 pm BD
    04th December, SundayGroup C winner vs Group D runners-up – 1.00 pm 
    Group D winner vs Group C runners-up – 9.00 pm 
    05th December, MondayGroup B winner vs Group A runners-up – 1.00 pm 
    Group E winner vs Group F runners-up – 9.00 pm 
    06th December, TuesdayGroup G winner vs Group H runners-up – 1.00 am
    Group F winner vs Group E runners-up – 9.00 pm 
    07th December, WednesdayGroup H winner vs Group G runners-up – 1.00 am 

    FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule for Quarter Final

    Dates & DaysMatches
    09th December, FridayQuarter-final 1 – 9.00 pm 
    10th December, SaturdayQuarter-final 2 – 1.00 am 

    Quarter-final 3 – 9.00 pm 
    11th December, SundayQuarter-final 4 – 1.00 am 

    FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule for Semi-Finals and Final

    Dates & DaysMatches
    14th December, WednesdaySemi-finals 1 – 1.00 am 
    15th December, ThursdaySemi-final 2 – 1.00 am 
    17th December, SaturdayThird place match – 9.00 pm 
    18th December, SundayFinal – 9.00 pm 

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