We Play Ourselves Book 2021 Review | We Play Ourselves Book by Jen Silverman Pdf Download

We Play Ourselves Book Review 2021

We Play Ourselves Book 2021 Review:- The story was so well written with a dry and dark humor skillfully embedded throughout. It addresses the heavy reality that success is relative and a never ending quest. On that quest, one must deal with, and come to terms with, the emotional backlash of their own actions.

I typically read books where I don’t have to think. This was not that book, but in the best way possible. It was outside of my comfort zone but such a pleasant surprise. So incredibly funny and thoughtful

I was immediatly drawn to this book with its absolutely gorgeous cover and an intriguing summary - and the novel is every bit as good as the cover.

We Play Ourselves by Jen Silverman Book Review:-  The main character of this novel, Cass, is a fresh arrival in LA. She was a playwright on the rise about to make it big in New York. But due to a certain scandal which I definitely want to leave to the reader to find out about, she moves to Los Angeles to reinvent herself as a person and as an artist. Her neighbor Caroline also turns out to be an artist - an aspiring movie director currently in the process of filming a documentary about a violent fight club of teenage girls. While the initiative seems impressive and capivating to Cass, who looks up to Caroline's focus and determination, soon she realizes that the filmmaker's relationship with the girls is shady and manipulative. And then, one of these girls goes missing...

I really liked the journey of self-discovery Cass is undergoing. The coming-of-age element is particularly well done, given that Cass doesn't only change as a result of her move and change of circumstances, but also due to the influence of other people. Caroline is such a different character as well, and with the shady things she would do for her art, I wanted to learn a lot more about her.

The novel poses this ultimate question: how far can you go to become famous and successful? Jen Silverman mastefully explores this topic with Cass's well-developed character. I think the title "We Play Ourselves" is a wonderful summary of the reality that we play ourselves in life - differently depending on circumstances, stages or the audience. It is such a memorable, unique novel which I highly recommend.This Review Credit By Wendy

We Play Ourselves Book by Jen Silverman Pdf Download | We Play Ourselves Book 2021


We Play Ourselves Book 2021


Jen Silverman

Expected publication: 

February 9th 2021 by Random House

Total Page336 pages

We Play Ourselves Book 2021 Pdf Download  |
We Play Ourselves Book by Jen Silverman 

We Play Ourselves Book 2021 Pdf Download  |We Play Ourselves Book by Jen Silverman

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