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 Don't Tell a Soul Book Review 2021

Don't Tell a Soul by Kirsten Miller book 2021 Review:-  The story starts with Bram arriving in Louth, New York after a very long journey from Manhattan. She's come to stay with her uncle at a large manor house he's remodeling. There's a blizzard outside and she doesn't she feels like she's been forgotten. Eventually, she's picked up by a man her uncle hired to pick her up, which puts her on edge even though she's armed herself with a newly bought box cutter and bear repellant. She states vaguely that she's come to Louth in search of answers, but it also is hinted at that something or someone has chased her away from New York and there's something or someone preventing her from returning.

I was hooked from the first chapter. I didn't know which characters to trust, and I didn't know how they were all tied into the mystery. I didn't know what the past and three dead girls had to do with the present. I didn't know (but had suspicions) about what had happened to Bram to make her distrust people so much, especially men. I didn't know why she was in Louth, and what had happened in NYC to force her there. I loved her resourcefulness, drive, and determination. I loved the sleepy, wintery, slightly gothic atmosphere.  loved that because it's a Kirsten Miller book I knew women would save the day (and my prediction wasn't wrong).  And all of that kept me reading.

Miller did use addiction as Bram's flaw though, a reason why she couldn't be believed or trusted no matter what she said or saw. I'm lukewarm on this because I love that it's clearly a limit to what the character can do (you can't just tell everyone that your uncle killed your aunt and dad if you were once an addict APPARENTLY because everyone will think you were just high I GUESS and then your uncle will kill you once he knows you know) and I love those kinds of confines that keep characters from going to the police or trusting others, but also it feels slightly icky for some reason. At this time my mixed feelings are hard to describe, but maybe I'll be able to articulate as I read more mysteries and thrillers.

Don't Tell A Soul is one of those YA books that are YA because of the main character's age and less so because of the content: there was some dark, enraging stuff going on. I haven't read many mysteries or thrillers but this one has your typical trigger warnings:........ 
[Female empowerment, reclaiming your life, and serving justice when assholes try to discredit you because you're "troubled" or "broken.Don't Tell A Soul is def a win for YA mystery.

This Review By Samantha Louise 

Don't Tell a Soul 2021 Book :-This was a fantastically thrilling book with Gothic elements and a hint of Daphne du Maurier's "Rebecca" at its core. I loved the ghostly elements, the mystery/thriller aspects, and the strength and comradery of the female characters. I also loved that the author took "Rebecca" and effectively flipped it about and delivered us something contemporary with a strong message and a darkly Gothic feel. I was so pulled into this book that I stayed up all night to finish it, and felt no disappointment with the ending (which is so rare these days)! I think fans of Riley Sager may also be interested in reading this, especially his most recent "Home Before Dark."

Luscious, dark, Gothic, overlarge mansion, sounds in the night, mysterious deaths, and missing girls - what more could you want?

Don't Tell a Soul Book by Kirsten Miller Pdf Download | Don't Tell a Soul Book 2021


Don't Tell a Soul


Kirsten Miller

Expected publication: 

January 26 2021 by Delacorte Press

Total Page384 pages

Don't Tell a Soul Book 2021 Pdf Download  |Don't Tell a Soul Book by Kirsten Miller

Don't Tell a Soul Book 2021 Review | Don't Tell a Soul Book by Kirsten Miller Pdf Download

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