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SSC English 2nd Paper Final Suggesting 2023 ~SSC suggestion 2023 English 2nd paper ~SSC English Suggestion 2023 PDF

    SSC English 2nd Paper Final Suggesting 2023

    Grammar (60 Marks)

    1. Gap filling (preposition, articles, zero articles)
    2. Gap Filling (to test vocabulary in general) 3. Substitution table.
    4. Right Froms of verbs.
    5. Changing sentences.
    6. Completing sentence.
    7. Use of suffix and prefix.
    8. Tag question.
    9. Punctution

    10. Writing CV with cover letter:

    a. Assistant or English Teacher/Lecturer. 100% Brew
    b. Account/Junior/Senior Officer/Cashier in a bank. 100%
    c. Computer Programmer. 100%
    d. Computer Operator/IT officer. 100%
    e. Marketing Officer/Salesman/Sales officer. 100%
    F. Medical Representative. 99.99%
    g. Public relation officer. 99%
    g. Librarian. 99%
    h. Receptionist. 99%

    11. Complaint Letter:

    a. Insufficient Water supply/unhygienic condition /mosquito menace/ electricity problem of your locality. 100%
    b. Anti-social activities. 100%
    c. Load sheding. 100%
    d. Against extortionist/ Drug addiction. 100%
    e. Deliverd items/ Damaged roads / defective goods / delivered/Product.100%
    g. Missing goods. 99.99%
    h. Unhealth food. 99%

    Or, Application:

    a. Flood affected people. 100%
    b. Common room Facilities. 100%
    c. Debating / Computer club. 100%
    d. Study tour. 100%
    e. A canteen. 100%

    12. Writting Notice:

    a. Winter Vacation/Summer vacation. 100%
    b. Independence Day/Victory Day/Pahela Boishakh/Cultural Function. 100%
    c. Ekushe February/ international Language Day. 99.99%
    d. Ramadan Vacation. 99%
    e. The function of 102th Birthday of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. 99%

    SSC English Paragraph suggestion 2023

    13 number paragraph

    a. Road Accident/Street Accident. 100%
    b. Prize Hike. 100%
    c. Mobile Phone/Facebook. 100%
    d. Life of a Farmer/Fisherman100%
    e. Covid-19. 100%
    F. Load sheding/Traffic Jam. 100%.
    g. A school Magazine. 100%
    h. A winter morning. 100%
    i. Matro Rail / The Padma Bridge. 99.99%
    j. Our national Flag. 99%
    k. A Street Hawker. 99%

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