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    Saudi driving Book Pdf


    This manual is intended to enhance your driving skills whether you are applying for a driving permit , license or you already have one and wishes to keep abreast of the latest traffic rules and regulations . 

    Obtaining a driving license is a privilege not a right ; it entails a declared acceptance to comply with the traffic rules and regulations to maintain safety and security of our roads . Thus you are entitled to consider all road users and be alert to road surprises that you may encounter any time. 

    Obtaining a Saudi driving license means you are permitted to drive a vehicle on public roads , not that you are immune from encountering a traffic accident . Thus you are required to be always cautious , since skill alone is not enough to avoid road risks and sur prises . 

    You are required to read this manual carefully . The information presented in this manual is not just essen tial for passing the driving test , but it is intended " by God will " to preserve your safety and the safety of road users .

    Saudi driving license book pdf   

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    The Drivers Manual's PDF (ksa Book)

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