Nitya name meaning in Hindi | Nitya name ka hindi meaning | Hindi name meaning in Nitya

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Today i will tell you Nitya name meaning in hindi. Nitya  name is a  glorious  name for girls babies . This name is very acquainted . Many people are choosing their baby name nitya. Nitya  name meaning also lovely.

    nitya meaning in hindi

    If you want to know nitya  name meaning in hindi than i will say you, you are now righ place. I will tell you nitya name meaning in hindi.So Let't start.

    nitya name ka meaning

    Many people are asking on google,  nitya ka meaning. We see this so that we share with everyone nitya ka meaning. Hopefully it will be beneficial for you.

    nitya meaning in hindi dictionary 

    If you ask us nitya meaning in hindi dictionary than we will say you your question answer with correct informations. Please read this post for knowing you nitya  name meaning.

    meaning of nitya in hindi

    Nitya  name is a glorious name for baby girls.This name is very popular all over the world. Nitya name babys are much cute also.Meaning of Nitya in hindi are Constant ; Continuously ; Parvati .

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