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 You Have a Match Book 2021 by Emma Lord Review

You Have a Match Book 2021 Review:  My heart is literally smiling. I start to see imaginary heart emojis whirling around my head and I keep giggling like mischievous teenagers or worst kind of annoying romance heroines. This book is AMAZING!

I loved the Parent Trap with non identical twins theme!
Storyline: Two sisters accidentally find each other via DNA service and decide to dig more to learn what their parents are hiding from them by participating a summer camp together.

There are 1 year and half age difference between them. From their appearances, it is obvious that they’re siblings. But characteristically they’re completely opposite of each other.

Abby, talented avid photographer who doesn’t like to share her works because her ancient but survivor camera has been given to her by her grandfather (Poppy) who recently died. After his death, her grades started to drop, she is still shaken and suffocated by her parents oppressively controlling attitudes about her school success. Now she has to go to summer school but her unique hacking skills saved her from her parents’ wrath. (She hacked their emails, deleting phone messages from school)

She is reckless risk taker and injury-prone tree climber, skater but when it comes to be brave about her own feelings, she fails. Leo is her long time crush but nearly kissing experience later she learned he wasn’t into her from their common best friend so she starts acting like nothing happened ( of course she’s getting clumsier and acting more weird around him. Those two guys are so cute,sweet pies!)

And let’s not forget the elder mysterious sister: Savannah.She likes photos, too but she prefers to be in front of camera, not the other way around. She’s a social media goddess with her sterile, clean, ultra healthy life tips, yoga poses, greenest drinks turn you into Hulk. Her family is Tony Stark kind of rich ( but you may imagine they cannot be at least %10 as charismatic as him.)

Abby accepts to go to camp but she didn’t count two important things. Leo is at the camp, too and he seems like he’s so happy to see her, confusing her mind with his pull-push mixed signals and Savannah is controlling, rigid rule follower and total narc.

At first Abby wants to leave the place because of Savannah’s irritating antics but later she forms great friendships, evolving her photography and she realizes she starts to like hanging out with her sister who is dealing with the love life problems, reluctant to come clean about her feelings.

This is sweet friendship, sisterhood, family book with lovely romantic vibes. It heals your soul and widen your smiles, brightening your mood. I read it at one of most stressful times and it help me a lot to see the rainbows after the stormy rains.

I enjoyed Tweet Cute before but this book is so much better. I even liked it more than original Parent Trap script because the families’ story about the sisters is more meaningful and emotional.
Overall: I recommend to everyone who wants to feel good and enjoy entertaining, heart warming, sweet young adult and family books.

You Have a Match Book 2021 by Emma Lord Review |You Have a Match Book 2021 Pdf Download |You Have a Match Book 2021 

You Have a Match Book 2021 by Emma Lord Review |You Have a Match Book 2021 Pdf Download

Hardcover: 320 pages
Expected publication: January 5th 2021 by Wednesday Books
ISBN 1250237300 (ISBN13: 9781250237309) Edition language: English
Original title: You Have a Match

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