Wings of Ebony Book 2021 Review |Wings of Ebony by J.Ell Pdf Download | YA books coming out in 2021

Wings of Ebony Book Review 2021

Wings of Ebony Book 2021 Review:- Rue, the protagonist in Wings of Ebony, is the antitheses of what America would love black girls to be. In a country where black girls are constantly being told to tone it down, Rue is like, bump that, we turning up.

J.Elle has written a book that gives us a brave, no-nonsense black girl, blessed with more magic than she knows, and a mind that doesn’t stop until everything makes sense. She doesn’t mince words. She says what’s on her mind, you can pardon her French or not, and asks the hard questions until she is satisfied with the answers. We haven’t seen a girl like Rue in YA. [If we have, please point me in her direction] She gives Katniss Everdeen vibes, mostly because we’re not used to reading young female protagonists who are self-sure, brave, pragmatic, tough, etc. (even though hella girls are this way in real life). She’s scared, but never a damsel in distress. Ready to save her own self and everybody else, but a guy can help if he wants. I’m obsessed.

The world-building in Houston and in the magical (literally) land of Ghazan is the perfect balance of Contemporary and Afrofuturism. The language and spells used got me so hype and ready to see young fans cosplaying and spell-casting.

At the heart of this story is a complicated, heart-rending relationship between a girl and her absent father, and the unavoidable ways in which a father-daughter relationship shapes a girl’s idea of who she is and what she’s capable of.

Wings of Ebony also holds a mirror up to racism and colonization in a way that slowly brings the message into focus. It’s not harsh, but it hits real and true and cannot be missed. It also holds a mirror up to non-racist allies who might not realize how much they may subconsciously sympathize with systems of oppression that they benefit from.

Rue’s mother raised a diamond. J.Elle wrote a diamond. lol Wings of Ebony is the most precious of gems— all of YA fantasy and every teen who reads it will be better for it. So excited for this debut. This Review Credit By Kel  

Wings of Ebony Book 2021:-Sometimes you read a book and you think "oh, that was fun" and never really think about it again. Then, there are times you read a book and you think "wow, this is going to really TOUCH people out there." This was one of those latter times. There is such an accessible and cinematographic quality to J.Elle's writing which sucks you in from the start. And you start by thinking this is going to be a fun quest story about magic and hidden worlds. Then as the story gets deeper, you start to feel the emotional punch of the story, and realize this story is so much more than what is seems on the surface. There is beauty and pain, courage and loyalty, magic and reality loaded into this book; and I just know it's going to be a favourite for so many young people out there who--like Rue--are also fighting the good fight, every day. 

Wings of Ebony Book 2021 Pdf Download | Wings of Ebony by J.Ell |YA books coming out in 2021


Wings of Ebony Book 2021


J. Ell

Expected publication: 

January 26th 2021 by Denene Millner Books/Simon Schuster Books for Young Readers

Total Page368 pages

Wings of Ebony Book 2021 by J.Ell Pdf Download | YA books coming out in 2021

Wings of Ebony Book 2021 by J.Ell Pdf Download | YA books coming out in 2021

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