The Wife Upstairs Book 2021 Review |The Wife Upstairs Book 2021 by Rachel Hawkins Pdf Download

The Wife Upstairs Book 2021 Review 

The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins Book 2021 Review:- 1.The Wife Upstairs, by Rachel Hawkins, has so many delicious parallels to the old classic, Jane Eyre, but it has its own twists and turns, too. A book full of unlikeable people, which usually means I have a hard time enjoying the book, but in this case, everyone deserves each other and I kept wanting to see what was going to happen next. I couldn't help feeling I'd been here before but really, it was all new and intriguing, wondering what was real and what was for show, when the other shoe was going to drop, because things couldn't go on as they were. 

The story starts with twenty three year old Jane walking a dog in the pouring rain. Jane, a perpetual foster child until she aged out of the system, used to surviving by her wits, thievery, and lying. Her latest job is walking dogs in the rich neighborhood of Thornfield Estates and she's barely making ends meet by stealing from her employers, taking things that they'll never know are missing. Then Jane has a literal "run in" with rich, handsome, eligible widower, Eddie Rochester.  

Eddie wants Jane and she moves into his mansion almost immediately. Then they are engaged and discussing their wedding. But Jane has secrets and she has suspicions, too. Because Jane thinks that Eddie is just like her, which means he's hiding things, he's a liar, he takes what is not his, he cheats to get what he wants. And, there is the matter of his wife's death and that of her best friend. Were their deaths really an accident? There are rumors, lots of rumors about infidelity and arguments, so many hints from the gossiping neighbors. Whether I liked these people or not, I was hooked by the story. This Review Credit By marilyn

The Wife Upstairs Book 2021 by Rachel Hawkins Review:-2.The Wife Upstairs is tinged with elements of the classic Jane Eyre. You'll see it, too, as you hunker down with this one.

But I found a little Cinderella thing goin' on here as well. Our center focus is on the mysterious Jane whose background is kinda shady. Last residence may have been near a pumpkin patch. Jane comes from the world of the have nots lacking even a decent coat as she grabs the leashes of the pampered dogs that she's hired to walk in the upscale regions of Thornfield Estates. The well-heeled women outside of Birmingham, Alabama barely notice her comings and goings. But Jane does notice them.

Out on her doggie duty walk, Jane is almost run over by someone in a flashy sportscar. Out pops Eddie Rochester, and at first glance, a regular Prince Charming. Eddie's grin is like a 1,000 watt spark and it certainly lights up Jane. He invites her in for coffee. And things will now get highly interesting.

Said Southern Belles take notice that Jane is spending a lot of time at Eddie's. The unnoticed suddenly becomes the noticed. They feel compelled to fill in Eddie's background for Jane. And Jane is more than willing to listen. There's a shadow of a tragedy that follows Eddie. His wife, Bea, and her best friend, Blanche, have gone missing after a trip to their lake cabin. The boat was empty in the middle of the lake. And the cops have come up empty as well. They're trying to make the slipper fit and it ain't happening so far.

The Wife Upstairs is filled with some twisty puzzle pieces that the reader tries to connect. Jane is getting used to the good life with Eddie, but she sleeps with one eye open. Like an episode from Dateline, is it always the husband or is it something far more expansive than that? Gotta crack this one open to see just how ol' Jane fares in this one. (Mice and Magic Wand optional)

I received a copy of The Wife Upstairs through NetGalley for an honest review. My thanks to St. Martin's Press and to Rachel Hawkins for the opportunity.This Review Credit By Linda.

The Wife Upstairs Book 2021 by Rachel Hawkins Pdf Download | The Wife Upstairs Book 2021


The Wife Upstairs Book 2021 


Rachel Hawkins

Expected publication: 

January 5th 2021 by St. Martin's Press


Fiction Thriller, Mystery Thriller Suspense Adult Retellings Romance Contemporary Adult Fiction

Total Page304

The Wife Upstairs Book 2021 Pdf Download |The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins 

The Wife Upstairs Book 2021 Pdf Download |The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

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